BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Travel Covers

£169.00 £139.99

  • Deluxe skid resistant ABS base
  • Wheeled Travel Cover
  • Ergonomic pivot grip handle
  • Padded Carry Handle
  • Dual Lift Assist Handles
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The BagBoy T-2000 Pivot Grip Travel Cover is a quality travel accessory providing ultimate travel protection for your golf clubs, featuring a lockable and full wrap-around main zipper which provides ease of access. The T-2000 Pivot-Grip Travel Cover also features a deluxe skid resistant ABS base, an ergonomic patented pivot grip handle that twists to the bag position to reduce arm and wrist strain in transit, a durable padded carry handle along with dual lift assist handles, and durable PVC back with extra tall ABS base for maximum club protection. The Travel Cover is suitable for drivers up to 48 inches in length and golf carts up to 10 inch top in diameter.

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